Sourcing includes conducting research on the sourcing country, contacting multiple suppliers, comparing different quotes and then taking a final decision. We can save you from all the hassle. We have a team specially trained in sourcing.

  • Is product sourcing from china a difficult task for you?
  • Are you tired of searching new suppliers?
  • Is sourcing diverting your attention from seller central?
  • Do you struggle communicating with Chinese suppliers?

If yes, then please let us serve you in this regard.

We have all in one product sourcing agents with contacts in China, who can do A-Z sourcing related tasks which includes:


  • Finding suppliers
  • Getting quotations
  • Negotiate pricing
  • Convincing suppliers on business terms
  • Managing samples
  • Following up the shipments
  • Manage labeling
  • On-site Inventory checking
  • Quality check
  • Sending to any warehouse in US and UK

You can even hire our Consultants and VAs for a month and then sit back and relax as we deal with all the hassle and give you daily reports, updates and feedbacks.

Service Fee starting at $…..

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